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AIRSENS is born from the excellent experience with the units of the AUX brand, one of which have become one of the biggest companies in all of China, with a Worldwide presence, oriented to satisfy the needs of their clients. Founded in China more than 25 years ago, with five production plants located in Ningbo, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Tianjin. It has a staff of more than 18,000 employees, through which they have been able to consolidate themselves in the Air Conditioner industry.

 AIRSENS is fabricated with the same quality standards and efficiency of the AUX Group equipments, which have experimented an enormous prosperity and reach extraordinary goals. This is do to the quality of their products, the humans behind this company, and the values such as honesty and commitment.

Residential Line

This line of low power consumption allow you to enjoy the comfort of your home fully and comfortably , brindádole cold air and heating. See our products for your home, apartment , etc

Commercial and Industrial Line

Among our products you can find from Mini Chiller to more sophisticated equipment such as AUX VRF of our line , which can generate cold and heating areas ..

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